Michael Nehls

Dr. med. Michael Nehls

Guérir Alzheimer

Understand and act in time


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In 2013, a new type of clinical trial in the United States showed that Alzheimer’s disease could be cured for the first time. These spectacular results, which could be achieved with a treatment started at the very onset of the condition, confirm the research work of Dr Michael Nehls: for him, the origin of the disease is not the advanced age of the patients, but a series of deficiencies from which the brain suffers. If these are remedied in time, the brain can recover. It details all the non-drug prescriptions of systemic therapy, whether they concern detoxification, sleep, diet, social life, cognitive stimulation or physical activity. Accompanied by original drawings (by Jill Enders, illustrator of Le Charme discret de l’intestin), this rigorous and stimulating essay is an invaluable guide for sufferers and their families.