Michael Nehls

Dr. med. Michael Nehls

You need no victory to be a winner

Race Across America


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The Race Across America is known as the most cruel bicycle race worldwide. The racers have to ride over 3,000 miles in a maximum of 12 days – across the USA, from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, day and night, all on their own: through blistering-hot deserts, over 10,000 foot high freezing-cold mountain passes, and against the wind through the endless wide-open span of the Great Plains.
Dr. Michael Nehls, physician and scientist, explores his physical and mental limits with a specific aim: reaching the finish line without suffering. He is supported by his wife and their three children – extreme sport as a family vacation.
He found the key to a relaxed race is the right strategy: a perfect balance between riding and regeneration, team spirit and individuality, diligence and humor. He also discovered the answers to some of life’s most important questions: What keeps us moving? Which motives lead to failure, and which are the basis for long-term success – in every aspect of life?
The Race Across America mirrors life in time-lapse and hereby demonstrates that with the right motives and a healthy strategy, one can, in fact, move mountains.


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15. March 2011

Spieldauer (DVD)

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