Michael Nehls

Wissenschaftliche Publikationen

12. November, 2007

Original: “An EF hand mutation in Stim1 causes premature platelet activation and bleeding in mice”

J. Clin Invest. 2007, V.117, S.3540-3550

12. Juli, 2007

Original: Contribution of mucosal maltase-glucoamylase activities to mouse small intestinal starch alpha-glucogenesis

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16. August, 2006

Original: N-ethyl-N-nitrosourea-based generation of mouse models for mutant G protein-coupled receptors

Physiol. Genomics 2006, V.16, S. 209-217

15. April, 2006

Original: Mutation of mouse Mayp/Pstpip2 causes a macrophage autoinflammatory disease.

Blood 2006 Apr 15;107(8):3350-8.

16. Juni, 2005

Original: Efficient and fast targeted production of murine models based on ENU mutagenesis.

Mamm. Genome 2005 Jun;16(6):405-13.

22. April, 2005

Original: Autoimmunity and inflammation due to a gain-of-function mutation in phospholipase C gamma 2 that specifically increases external Ca2+ entry.

Immunity 2005 Apr;22(4):451-65.

21. Dezember, 2004

Original: Failure to degrade poly(ADP-ribose) causes increased sensitivity to cytotoxicity and early embryonic lethality

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 2004 Dec 21;101(51):17699-704.

5. Dezember, 2004

Original: The dominant alopecia phenotypes Bareskin, Rex-denuded, and Reduced Coat 2 are caused by mutations in gasdermin 3.

Genomics 2004 Nov;84(5):824-35.