Michael Nehls

Dr. med. Michael Nehls

The Formula against Alzheimer’s

The instruction manual for a healthy life – Quite simply prevent and heal in time


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Not giving Alzheimer’s a chance

The compact practical book for a life without Alzheimer’s for those affected, relatives and for all those who want to prevent it in time. Dr. med. Michael Nehls explains the causes of this disease of civilization and shows how, with the help of his formula against Alzheimer’s, one can not only protect oneself against Alzheimer’s, but even be cured in an early phase. Four simple factors are crucial: enough sleep, sufficient exercise, good social contacts and a brain-healthy diet.

With many helpful recommendations and recipes – clear, easy to understand, convincing!

Author’s statement

“Knowing that a healthy lifestyle protects against Alzheimer’s is a thing. It is quite another to implement this knowledge in everyday life. To help you on your way to a brain-healthy lifestyle, I have written this practical handbook.You should already be aware of something important: Eliminating deficiencies does not mean renunciation, but rather an increase in diversity – also in precious lifetime.” -Michael Nehls