Michael Nehls

Dr. med. Michael Nehls

The exhausted brain

The origin of our mental energy – and why it is dwindling


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Strong brain – strong decisions

Everyone knows the feeling: In the course of a day, we feel increasingly mentally exhausted and lacking energy. But what is the reason for this? Michael Nehls, MD, goes in search of our mental battery – and he finds it. Thus, for the first time, he can show what our mental energy is made of and where it is stored. And he makes another disturbing discovery: for years, the capacity of most people’s mental battery has been shrinking. The consequences are fatal, because when the mental energy for reflection and thoughtful decision-making dwindles, simple thought patterns, stereotypical actions, and fear-driven behavior dominate.

Dr. Nehls explains what the chronic loss of capacity of the mental battery means for us, our society and future generations and how we can counteract this disastrous development.