Michael Nehls

Dr. med. Michael Nehls

Race Across America Challenge

4800 km time trial from coast to coast


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Endurance sports are growing in popularity, as evidenced by the ever-increasing numbers of participants in marathons and triathlon events.

Some endurance competitions, however, are far more demanding and therefore exude even greater fascination. Cycling in particular, with the annual Race Across America (RAAM), offers a race that demands much more from participants than an Ironman in Hawaii.

RAAM is held as an individual time trial over a transcontinental course of about 4800 kilometers across the North American continent. It runs from California through deserts and over mountains, crosses the Mississippi River and reaches the Atlantic Ocean at Savannah. If you want to be counted as a finisher, you have to reach the finish line in a maximum of twelve days.

Dr. Michael Nehls, a successful manager, has been actively involved in cycling for several years. He is confident that he will be able to complete the RAAM without any health problems if he prepares properly. In July 2008, he takes on this challenge and passes it: he rides the RAAM in less than eleven days! He will be accompanied by TOUR editor Uwe Geißler, among others, who will bring home fantastic picture motifs.

This book tells the prehistory of the participation, describes the meticulous preparation Michael Nehls and his team made and reports on the course of the race. To this end, it provides a complete overview of the history of RAAM. Above all, however, it provides a detailed answer to the one crucial question: How did the man do it?