Michael Nehls

Dr. med. Michael Nehls

Head Kitchen

The anti-Alzheimer cookbook


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Pleasure recipes against oblivion

You have it in your hands: forgetting in old age is not an inevitable fate. Rather, our lifestyle determines whether we sink into dementia or can enjoy our retirement in the best of mental freshness.
Michael Nehls, physician, molecular geneticist and endurance athlete, has been researching this topic, which has moved generations, for many years.
His finding: Alzheimer’s is a curable deficiency disease!
The recommendation: Head cuisine – recipes for sense and mind.
With his family recipe book, he brings the latest scientific findings directly to the table of many people who want to take control of their future. Written in an entertaining and humane way, highly informative, exciting to read, and easy to follow – effective Alzheimer’s prevention begins in the kitchen.