Michael Nehls, MD PhD
Welcome! This is the right place if you're looking for answers to theselangua questions: - Why don't most people remain physically and mentally healthy in the long term, and why don't many even try? - Are genes and external influences our destiny? - Why is the focus on developing drugs for diseases that shouldn't even exist? - How do our thoughts and motives arise? Those, and similar critical questions gave rise to my book, "The Methuselah Strategy - How To Avoid What Prevents Us From Growing Healthier And Wiser", which challenges our concept of "normality." The implementation of this strategy increases the chance of increasing lifespan with extra decades of physical and mental fitness. In my book, "The Alzheimer's Lie - The Truth About A Preventable Disease”, I advanced these groundbreaking ideas to destroy the myth that Alzheimer's dementia is an inevitable fate of aging. The destructive dogma that holds this disorder to be the result of age or inescapable, faulty genetics, has robbed the legitimate hope of staying well throughout life. In fact, we are evolved to stay mentally fit until the highest age. Alzheimer's is curable in its early stages. I explain how this works in my book "Alzheimer's Can Be Cured - Timely Return To A Healthy Life". It has not yet been translated into English but can be found in many other languages. The questions of how Alzheimer's Disease arises, can be prevented and even cured, have been answerded in my peer-reviewed article: Unified theory of Alzheimer’s disease (UTAD): implications for prevention and curative therapy So the real question, the one that empowers each individual to choose their destiny, is not primarily scientific anymore but rather a cultural one: How do we want to live?
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