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“The Methuselah-Strategy ─ Avoiding what prevents us from growing healthy and wiser”
“Challenge Race Across America ─ 3000 mile time trial from coast to coast”
“The Alzheimer’s Lie  ─ The truth about a preventable disease”
“Alzheimer’s can be cured  ─ Timely return to a healthy life”
“Prevent dementia ─ Mediterranean eating”
“Brainfood ─ The Anti-Alzheimer-Cookbook 50 unforgetable recipies against Alzheimer’s & co”
“Alzheimer’s can  be cured  ─ Timely return to a healthy life”
“The formula against Alzheimer’s ─ Instructions for a healthy life, easy disease prevention and timely cure”
“You need no victory to be a winner ─ Race Across America”
“Summit of freedom ─ Challenge Kilimanjaro”
“Algae oil ─ The food revolution from the sea”